“It’s supposed to be fun and beautiful, why make it complicated?”

You said this about young love. This was after we jumped in the Isar and let it carry us downstream. I’m not a strong swimmer but you were patient and said you’d look after me.

It was a first date.

We stripped down to our bathing suits and I let my bosom speak for itself. We walked to the edge and I watched you jump in carefree and get swiftly carried away by the current.

I jumped in.

It was faster then I thought.

It took me a minute get my bearings but you were up ahead and smiling.

There’s a bridge up ahead – let’s see if we can grab it.

I reached for it and at the last second my hand felt the ledge. The water crashed over my head but for a moment I felt just as strong as the river. My hand slipped and immediately I was pulled away.

You caught up with me, grabbed my hand and told me to float on my back.

And there we were, two new strangers, holding hands in the Isar, floating on our backs and looking at the trees floating by us overhead. I breathed deeply. I never wanted to forget that moment. I wanted to press it in between pages and savor it. Look back on it often and remember the cold river all around me and your warm hand in mine.


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