Settling In…

…which certainly doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out but Munich is beginning to feel like home. I’m enjoying the pace. This past Friday, I left work went to the shops, bought fresh flowers, some goodies from ARKET and new N’espresso pods as my friend Jen was coming for a visit.

I made it to the grocery store, before 8pm of course, popped open a bottle of wine, opened the windows and watched Pride and Prejudice.  It felt so good to be home.

Work is beginning to come together and while I’m there for the majority of my day, it feels like work and not my whole life.  Many of my colleagues take a full lunch hour and it’s rare to see someone eating lunch at their desk and working. What a novel and blissfully unAmerican idea.

I’ve gone on dates, I’ve met new people; I found perhaps my favorite cocktail bar – Barroom.  It is tiny. The drinks are strong but well balanced and served in vintage glasses. The bartenders are handsome and slick and they even have a stack of postcards that you can take for yourself or you can write one to anyone in the world and they mail it over for free. It’s a perfect love note.

Jen and I spent yesterday discovering new neighborhoods and drinking coffee from coffee shops that made us feel like we were back in Brooklyn and also served my cold brew with a nice bit of orange peel. We did more walking, hung out in a  beer garden, came back to my place so I could put on jeans since the weather changed and then made our way to this lovely place in Haidhausen called Mezzodi.  We sipped on Aperol spritz and negronis while having fresh burrata, bruschetta, and prosciutto in the most perfect little square. They had blankets for when it got chilly and every table came with a pair of oranges. I can’t wait to go back again when it’s hot and sip and chat until late.

It’s currently Sunday morning and it’s quiet. We have more plans to eat and drink our way around Munich today and I’m determined to have weisswurst which is a traditional Bavarian breakfast of white sausages, sweet mustard, and pretzels. It’s supposed to be sunny today and to be honest, the weather has let me down a bit but everyone swears that by June it should be a steady stream of sunshine, perfect for trips to The Alps for hiking and weekends spent in the English Garden. Sounds like perfection.


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