24 Hours in Munich

I’ve arrived.

Things have happened easily and it’s a little unsettling.  Perhaps I lived in New York too long where most things felt like a slog.

My flight even though, I had a connection which required me to get a stamp at London Gatwick, get my luggage, and then check back in, really wasn’t that bad. **Pro tip: Upgrade on Norwegian if you can. For an extra $200 you get so much more leg room, seats that properly recline and allow you to put your feet up, excellent service, priority boarding and so many other things that I can’t recommend it enough.***

My flight from London to Munich was with EasyJet which ultimately wasn’t bad. Yes, there were about three groups of lads headed to Munich for stag-dos (bachelor parties) but they weren’t too, too bad. We had a slight delay leaving and the captain opened up the cockpit for people to go and have a look. I’m pretty sure this is something that would never happen in the States. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Once we landed I had to go through border control. The agent there looked pretty stern, as I was expecting, and asked me what I was doing in the country.

I’m here for work.

What kind of work?

Um, I work in advertising so….

Well, what’s the name of the company?



So then you’re not an American spy.

Ha, no! I promise.

With that, he stamped my passport,  gave me a big smile and told me to have a good time.

After getting my bags, which all arrived in one piece and are currently strewn about half open in my foyer, I got in a pricey uber and headed to my new flat.

Did I mention I had some anxiety about the flat? I mean, I just looked at pictures online and it looked almost too good to be true. (Not to mention the fact that I had to send my landlord a hefty deposit and the first months rent about a week ago.) I texted my landlord and said that I was on my way.


Hmm, ok not the friendliest response. I went on to explain that we had a slight delay getting in.


Right well, certainly no warm fuzzies or, perfect! texts coming my way. But once, I arrived?  Friends, once I arrived my landlord was there, helped me with all my bags and showed me how everything works – I even have a storage space in the basement. He apologized profusely about there not being a washing machine in the unit – which I knew and haven’t had since I started living on my own- but it’s one flight of stairs down and costs 1.50.

I also bought you a few groceries to get you started. I wasn’t sure what you ate but there’s bread, juice, milk butter and a few other things. I figured you would be tired after your journey.

I couldn’t say thank you enough. After he left I looked around, burnt some sage and light candles that I had brought with along with me and set up my new bed with my down comforter that I brought with me. ***Pro tip: Bring a few things that will instantly remind you of home if you’re moving abroad. My down comforter was a non-negotiable.***

I nipped out the grocery store to buy some things for dinner, bought a bottle of wine that was delicious and costs $4, ripe nectarines that were $1, fresh pasta for $2 and a few other things. I took a steamy bath, had some pasta and fell asleep for the next twelve hours.

When I finally woke up, around 2 pm I ventured out to go to TK Maxx (yes exactly like TJ Maxx) to buy new pillows and found myself in a bustling city only 12 mins from my house on the Ubahn. Oh the Ubahn.

It was so clean and my stop plays classical music. There wasn’t a rat in sight.


As I sit here, at my new dining room table I get the sense that I’ll have time to cultivate my hobbies in Munich. Sure I’ll make friends and be out and about and travel around Europe but, it’s so refreshing to have my own space and potentially the time to do things like write, read and relax. Did I mention that most shops are closed on Sunday? Well, they are which is both scary and comforting. Tomorrow I plan to unpack, get my closet together, roast a chicken and take a nap.

Sure, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m new and that I shouldn’t expect to have new friends already or know my way around, but so far things are off to a fantastic start. Did I mention that there are so many fresh flower stalls around the city? How could I not love this place?


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