A Day in Greenpoint

I’m off to Munich in three days.

Today it’s sunny and finally feeling like spring New York, just in time for my departure.

I woke up on my friends’ couch in Greenpoint, took a long shower, lounged, spent a lot of time lotioning my body. It was necessary.

I walked over to my old apartment and rescued, from my previous forgetful and apathetic mind, a cerulean tassel I bought in Morocco and a small frame my mom had given me. Then I went to Word and poured over books trying to find the perfect read that felt familiar and promptly walked next door, had a salad and started reading it. I wanted to continue my day of leisurely reading so I headed over to Ovenly, ordered a tea and sat next to a man who was reading a compliance document. I know this because he was amused at my silent laughter while reading. When I left, I wished him will with his document.

I finally found my perfect denim jacket at this vintage store – it only took six years for me to find and I thought it was particularly fitting that I found it so close to my departure. Inspired, I headed over to Maha Rose and made a tarot appointment on Thursday. I explained to the shop girl that I was moving to Germany, as I’ve been finding ways to add this to most conversations lately, and she quickly nodded and said, “I get it. You want to wrap things up,” to which I perfectly agreed.

It’s so easy to think that life is all about big moments but today felt good. It felt like I was coming back to myself in a sense. I mean look at me – I’m writing again. And I really hope to do more of this in Germany. In Munich, most stores are closed on Sunday and for now, I’m looking forward to it as I think it will give me time to just be. Just like today – with a good book and nice weather.


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