Welcome to my site!
MY Black Life Matters


My life’s work is to help people feel seen and understood. 

Connecting with people is my life’s true happiness and I understand the challenges of wanting to be who you are but not knowing how to get there. I’ve spent my life being curious and exploring the world and myself to question and determine what makes me tick. 

My career in media and branding for the past twelve years has allowed me to understand the importance of having a personal brand and how knowing a few key things can help guide you to your true potential. And now, I want to work with you to help you create a life and career that works for you and feels like you because it is you. 

I’m here to help bridge the gap, to help you, your business, your passion to be seen and understood. 


Whether you’re looking to better understand your North Star and how that relates to your career, clothes, and culture, or an author looking to build your audience, a boutique company looking for press opportunities, or if you’re in the middle of a career change and want to remarket yourself, you’re in the right place. 

Feel free to stay awhile and get in touch.